Battle of Wagram

Battle of Wagram
Arc de Triomphe: WAGRAM

July 5, 1809 - July 6, 1809

Napoleon had suffered a setback at Aspern-Essling , but the Austrian army commanded by Archduke Charles made no movements to follow up their success. Not wanting to repeat the mistakes of Aspern-Essling, this time the french planned and protected the crossing of the Danube, successfully crossing without serious trouble. Napoleon had also been joined by his stepson Eugene de Beauharnais who had brought the Army of Italy after winning at Raab .

Surprisingly, Archduke Charles launched an attack once he realized that the French had crossed in force, hoping to throw them back. While the attack against the French left was initially successful, pushing the French back, Napoleon ordered Marshal Masséna and the IV Corps to reinforce that side. Meanwhile Marshal Davout's III Corps was attacking on the French right and making good progress, and then Napoleon launched General Macdonald and the V Corps forward to split the Austrian force in two. The Austrians could not hold Macdonald's force back, and their army was split, with the two halves unable to support each other. The Austrians were forced to retreat as best they could, and before long they were negotiating for peace.


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